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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 28, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services opinion and analysis begins right now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i believe in america where the separation of church and state is absolute. >> that makes me throw up. >> bill: rick santorum going after jfk on the religion and government issue. ronald reagan is also involved. talking points and brit hume will sort it all out. >> you just -- he sprinted out of nowhere. people are screaming to get down and he had the gun up and he was running and chasing a kid outside. >> so he was specifically chasing down one kid. >> it looked like it. >> bill: a brutal school shooting in ohio leaves one student dead. four others wounded. why did it happen? we'll have a special report. >> is bill o'reilly fair and balanced? >> i'm going to stay out of the fight with bill.
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>> bill: jesse watters occupying the academy awards. it wasn't pretty. >> trying to be the next bill o'reilly? that's not a good look for you, son. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. jfk, ronald reagan and rick santorum. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. saturday i was with dennis miller in santa barbara and had the opportunity to seat reagan ranch high in the hills of santa barbara county. it was surprising. the late president's house very modest just a few rooms. doesn't even have airconditioning. so i was reminded that ronald reagan, above all was a modest man who based his public policy and his life on common sense. the election this year is a lot like the lexington of 1980, you have a democratic
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president having trouble with the economy and a republic party trying to take advantage of that. back then reagan defeated carter because he spoke clearly. >> are you better off than you were four years ago, is it easier for you to go and buy things in the store than it was four years ago? >> is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? is america as respected throughout the world as it was? >> bill: obviously that sound bite is relevant today. is it not? but the g.o.p.'s message is muddled to say the least because of the hard-fought primary campaign. enter rick santorum who is making a major issue over the fact that religious americans are under siege and they're. now santorum is criticizing john f. kennedy who in 1960 said this. >> i believe in an america where the separation of church and state is absolute. where no catholic zealot would
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tell the president should he be catholic how to act. and no protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote. where no church or church school can granted any public funds or political preference. and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the president who might appoint him or the people who might elect him. >> that makes me throw up. and it should make every american seeing from a president someone who is now trying to tell people of faith that you will do what the government says. we are going to impose our values on you. not that you can't come to the public square and argue against it but now we're going to turn around and say we're going to impose our values from the government on people of faith, which, of course, is the next logical step when people of faith, at least according to john kennedy have no role in the public square. >> bill: who is right? jfk or rick santorum? well, let's go to ronald reagan for the verdict.
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>> when john kennedy was running for president in 1960, he said that his church would not dictate his presidency anymore than he would speak for his church. just so, and proper. but john kennedy was speaking in an america in which the role of religion and by that i mean the role of all churches was secure. the climate has changed greatly since then. since it has, it logically follows that religion needs defender against those who care only for the interests of the state. >> bill: the problem for rick santorum is that he goes beyond defending people of faith and that's getting him into trouble. there is no question that the obama administration wants to impose secularism on everybody. even going so far as demanding the catholic church affiliated nonprofit organizations provide birth control and morning after pills to employees. that's an intrusion on a religious belief and ronald reagan would condemn it.
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but rick santorum takes it a bit further saying that some policy matters should be decided on what is considered right and wrong in the religious realm. that would lead to anarchy because americans are very diverse in their belief system. if santorum would simply pull back a bit and say to the federal government hey, leave religious institutions alone, don't interfere with them, he would be on the side of the angels, pardon the pun. because most americans well understand that people like nancy pelosi have no clue that religion is protected by the constitution. if an overwhelming number of catholic women of child bearing age and stretch that from 14 to 50 or whoever older or younger you want to go, are practicing birth control, then there -- that has to be some message to the church that please don't expect employers and insurance companies to
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enforce an attitude that you have that isn't even accepted by the latey church going people themselves. >> bill: unbelievable. so according to the former speaker of the house of representatives, religious tenets mean nothing if they are not popular. i guess that nancy pelosi's theology you take a vote on what is right and what is wrong. by the way, mrs. pelosi is a a catholic but an ardent supporter of abortion rights and other policies that are contrary to church teaching. now, many americans feel the church state issue is not important but it is. secularism is on the march in america. we are not a faith-based country anymore. in fact, if you do openly practice your religion you can be mocked in some circles. talking points believes president obama doesn't understand the issue at all as evidenced by his guns and religion comment during the 2008 campaign in pennsylvania. obama is an ardent secular
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progressive who believes the federal government should call the shots whether it intrudes on religious doctrine or not. that is against everything the founding fathers envisioned. many fled europe to come here to get away from religious persecution. england and france the government often told people what to believe if you don't tow the line watch out. thus the founders wanted a land where the government would largely stay out of religion on both sides. no one -- no imposing theology but no intrusion on it either. while rick santorum is rallying voters to his cause, is he making a major mistake in trying to link religious belief with public policy. if ronald reagan were alive today i believe he would advise mr. an some against doing that that's the memo. next on the run down brit hume who has studied the issue will reply. polling in michigan romney and santorum fighting it out in that key state. we will have the numbers in just a few moments.
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>> bill: hume zone segment tonight. get to political analyst brit hume who is in boca grand, florida this evening. any squabbles with the talking points memo, brit. >> not really. the way that rick santorum has weighed into the controversies about church and state and moral and religious issues bit
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incomprehensible politically. i don't think it's helping him and while it may as you suggest gain him some favor with some evangelical christians to a great many americans what john f. kennedy said about separation of church and state, for example, makes a lot of sense. and for rick santorum to say not just that he quibbles with it in some way but that it made him want to throw up and then going ahead and standing by that, i don't understand it. >> bill: in what sense don't you understand it because you know the senator is very fervent in his catholicism? what do you mean you don't understand? >> well, i have considerable respect for him for that. and i think a man who tries to live his faith is to be admired. but this is the political realm that he is speaking in now. he is in an election where the major issue is the economy and he has things to stay about the economy. and he will tell you if you ask him that he is running on a program to deal with the economy. and yet he continually is caught up in these arguments and discussions about these
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issues and it has led him into a place, for example, where he has argued against contraception. not that he wants to outlaw it but that he thinks contraception is a bad thing. i think to most americans, great many of whom use contraception, that seems puco, he has talked -- peculiar. talked about prenatal testing and it leads to abortion. a lot of americans i don't think see it that way. my view of this is as michael barone put it so well the other day this is a political malpractice to be drawn into these discussions and unnecessary controversies which i think will alienate a lot of people. if not immediately but soon. >> bill: i disagree with barone. i don't think it's political malpractice it. i think santorum is being true to himself and i admire that as you do. but i do agree with you on the overall picture that if rick santorum were to secure the republic nomination, he would probably lose the general
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election in a gold water lbj type 1964 because people don't pay attention that closely. i mean, you know, there are a lot of casual voters in this country. they pick up little dribs and drabs of things. talking points memo i went over. kennedy's position. reagan's position, santorum's position and then people can decide for themselves. no question that rick santorum is making the election not about the economy. but about a moralistic country. and that, right now, is what is on him. it's not about the economy. it's about a moral view of america and you just can't win that. no president in the history has ever been elected on that kind of a platform. >> i completely agree with you. santorum has this platform that deals with the economy and he has got some ideas that are kind of controversial, but they are interesting. they are about restoring the manufacturing base with tax preferences for manufacturing companies. there is a lively debate to be
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had about that we have heard him on the subject. but, in the meantime, of course, mitt romney is running, talking about the economy, constantly. now, a lot of that has been about his resume. you noticed recently what mitt romney has been doing, he has been beefing up his positions on othe economy. he has outlined a more aggressive tax cutting plan which has appeal to republic voters. mitt romney is a man who, as far as we know, he was very much to his own faith. he tithes a huge amount of money to his church. there is no indication that he is not a man who lives his faith. yet, is he not discussing that all the time. >> bill: he can't. he can't. mormonism is so controversial that he just -- he couldn't. but santorum. >> i understand that. but, remember, there used it be to a -- >> bill: let's look at santorum from another light. santorum's big challenge to romney is now on the backs of the evangelical very conservative christian voters.
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that's who is going for santorum. that's who went for him in iowa. that's why is he competitive in the republic precincts. so maybe he is saying to himself, the only way i can win this, the only way i can beat the better financed romney is to appeal to those voters who are very actively involved in the primary. that's the only shot i have. so i have to do it or i'm just not going to win. >> you look at all the polling on these issues. the issue that is far and away the principle issue for these voters in republic primaries and in the country generally is the economy. and i don't think. >> bill: 4% before he started to go this way. santorum had 4%. they weren't even calling on him in the debates. >> bill, he was nowhere near as deep in these controversies when he won iowa as he is now. >> bill: he stepped it up there now. he started to step it up there. >> well, maybe. he has a message about a
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message in iowa and faith. and reached out to evangelical voters and a lot of them supported him. he ended up narrowly winning the state and that's all well and good. >> as we get into the states where evangelical voters were important he was weighed ever deeper did i know on the night that we were counting votes in iowa that rick santorum disapproved deeply of contraception and was going to spend time talking about that? he hadn't to my knowledge before that he hadn't said anything about prenatal testing. >> bill: obama administration going in and ordering the catholic church to do xy and z. >> that's an issue that union nights republicans of every stripe. i don't think i think that's a perfectly good issue for rick santorum. that is the issue where you have got about the state stepping on othe church. what you have suggested in your talking points memo that santorum has managed to do is make it appear that the church might be deeply involved in his thinking and his actions
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on these secular issues. he is not saying that and it might be unfair but that perception tends to leak out there and there is battle santorum although he doesn't mean it a whiff of intolerance. >> definition of what he supports and doesn't support is based on that. my content and i have got to run. i have got to think rick santorum wouldn't be competing in michigan wouldn't win in arizona. he wouldn't be competing there in the evangelicals and christians weren't solid behind him that his constituency. directly ahead, the latest polling from michigan real shootout between romney and santorum. jesse watters goes to the academy awards. how on earth did they let that happen? >> gwyneth? gwyneth? who are you wearing? coming right back.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, some new polling out of rasmussen, in michigan, mitt romney now has 38%. rick santorum 36. that's a tie when considering the margin of error. ron paul 12 newt gingrich 10. head-to-head match suspect mitt romney now leading president obama in rasmussen. but -- here now in new york juan williams also analyst for fnc. any prediction for tomorrow night. >> polls are clear, arizona is right in romney's'. >> do you know why that is? >> you tell me. >> secular state. >> oh, yeah. >> bill: very, very secular state. i'm not putting arizona down, ladies and gentlemen, i'm not doing that but it's not nearly like iowa or south carolina much more secular. >> you know what? they have a lot of tea party people. the moment the immigration issue is not as hot so he
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wasn't been able to take advantage of it michigan i think he has got a better chance. and the polls have neck and neck. it's within the margin of error. but right now you would have to say romney is the one that has the momentum not santorum. >> bill: why would you have to say that. >> new look at the numbers, romney was in the lead. double digit lead has evaporated. i thought you were on target in talking points. i think what santorum is demonstrating is intolerance extremism. >> intolerance to whom. >> in terms of saying we don't acknowledge what the john f. kennedy said that america is a country where the president is not taking. >> disagree. he said he was going to throw up, bill. that's not disagree that's like he is saying this is the end of the world and i think he has a different vision of america than most americans. >> bill: mary katharine, do you agree with juan that rick santorum has a different vision of america and what do you think is going to happen in arizona and michigan. >> as far as arizona, arizona does look like arizona has got
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that locked up. santorum campaign has been momentum depend dent and the past couple of days it likes like momentum has swung to mitt rom anymore. nothing go to stay that way. romney has been over the last day losing among all sorts of demographics when you look at the polling really closely, i think it could swing back toward santorum which obviously would be good news. certainly doable for him in michigan as far as santorum's view of mercury think what he said could have been a noncontroversial issue and he said it in not a smart way, when you talk about religion in politics a sprinkling of billy graham and no sinners in the hands of an angry god. he doesn't do it with a suspect enough message and light enough touch. >> bill: wait, wait. how do you get sunny about an in -- see, it all goes back to the obama administration intruding on the catholic church. everybody has got to understand that that that's where it all started. how can you have a sunny disposition about what rick santorum and millions of other
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americans have very serious about the he obama administration doesn't respect the church state situation. doesn't respect that he can't intrude. so they're coming back and they are saying, hey, not only is this guy bad but the historical records since john kennedy has gonna way. now, the throw off line that wasn't smart. >> yeah, i think you can discuss religion and public life and in the public square and the fact that it is sometimes not respected. i think you can do that in an edifying way that builds people up and they can say yeah i have experienced that in my life i don't like what the obama ha administration is doing. newt gingrich happened it smarter this week at a church. rick santorum has this vastly view of america than barack obama. he didn't get the jfk memo he sent out the memo for african-americans for obama at your churches you should appoint congregation captains get everybody in line to vote for me. [ laughter ] >> bill: did he really? can we get that memo. >> yes. that is is an actual video. >> it's not unusual for
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politicians especially in the black community. >> bill: you are not supposed to do that didn't you hear kennedy saying a minister? not supposed to tell you who to vote for? >> very good, very good. let me just say you were talking about. this i was talking about this vision thing you picked up with it with mary katharine. he also said that obama wants everybody to be like him because he wants kids to go to college. that's just crazy. you talk about a different vision of america. >> bill: we have got to get get that memo that mary katharine just flagged us. get it tomorrow. you can't be sending memos out to churches say vote for me. >> didn't say vote for me. organize. >> bill: what cause? organizing for what? >> for democrats. you think this is the first politician that's ever done it that? get out of here. i'm just saying politics is all over. >> bill: you should be appalled. >> gambling here? my goodness? who knew? >> the problem is.
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>> bill: crusader accepts this kind of corruption. >> i don't accept it i'm telling you that's how people organize in america. and people have been using churches. >> bill: that's wrong the president of the united states using the churches. >> stand up there and say that we don't like what the president is doing catholic. >> bill: telling catholics to vote for the opposite. >> not a political message come on. no it's a catholic message. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. politicizing the church. >> bill: mary katharine, go ahead. >> i don't think the irs should be clamping down on churches for people saying what they will want to anyway they have freedom of speech as well. the problem is in the public square and press it's okay for democrats to organize in the church and for republicans or somebody who is a social conservative that's very frowned upon. i do think santorum is smart talking about it in smarter ways. >> bill: just said on this program you are not supposed to do that and have preachers tell you who to vote for and i agree with that. >> by the way, who do you think is going to win
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michigan? >> bill: i don't know. >> you don't know? >> bill: you will never hear that. being honest i'm not waffling, i just don't know. mary katharine and juan thanks. interviewed pat buchanan. racism came up. we will play some of that in reality check a bit later on. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. jesse watters academy awards and it ain't pretty. media reporting surging gas prices. the take is different when oil skyrocketed under president bush. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. >> bill: watters world segment tonight, as you may know we let watters loose in los angeles last week. the repercussions still reverberating in southern california. jesse's last stop the academy awards ♪ ♪
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>> what do you think of the state of the nation right now. >> i'm not even thinking about that right now. >> the president is in a wonderful position for the first time i think we're really on a cusp of looking in a true perspective. >> i'm just trying to help out. >> i think we are kind of pissed out right now in the country. >> bill o'reilly what kind of shape do you think the nation is in right now. >> oh, i don't have an opinion on that for now. >> no? >> that's what i thought. >> bill o'reilly wants to know how you think the country is doing right now. >> that's a longer discussion than a red carpet. >> are you supportive of the whole occupy wall street movement. >> very supportive. it is the beginning of the revolution. >> what do you think about the occupy movement. >> don't know. don't make me look stupid. >> too late. >> are you really going to ask me political questions right now. >> yes. >> good. >> i'm somewhere in the middle. >> i occupied wall street before there was occupy wall street. >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn.
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>> who are the people coming here and why are they coming here. >> either recognizable or household names. we absolutely are a web site business that allows people to run high designer justice. >> have you ever saw one of these. >> do you ride around on bikes in that outfit. >> i do. >> you need to be riding an electric bike. >> feel how heavy that is. >> oh my god. >> i don't understand how you don't need a license for that. >> is this some kind of bust. >> well, it's relatively impressive, yes. >> what do you think about these high gas prices? >> they are higher in england, trust me. >> how bad are they in england. >> i think almost double. >> yes. gasoline in the car. >> you got to pay. you got to run your car gasoline. [bleep] >> is obama doing a good job. >> not to my mind, no. >> i think is he doing wonderfully. >> is obama doing wonderfully. >> i don't know. >> why didn't you find out? >> is obama doing a good job? >> yes, he he is. he is the president of the united states. not obama.
2:33 am
he is the president of the united states. >> thank you. >> what are you looking at? >> the president is doing a great job. go obama! go! >> go ahead and yell. get it off your chest. >> is bill o'reilly fair and balanced? >> no. >> bill o'reilly. >> he is my boss. >> talk about the dress or like. >> yes. tell me a little bit about the dress. who are you wearing? >> >> what we have got here is a failure to communicate. >> is bill o'reilly fair and balanced? >> listen, i'm going to stay out oof the fight with bill. for once in my life wish him nothing but the best. >> are you trying to be the next bill o'reilly that's not a good look for you, son. >> you don't think so. >> not a good look for you, son, trust me. >> is bill o'reilly fair and balanced. >> mentally and physically? >> both. >> that's it. all right, watters, thanks for being more obnoxious than i
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would have been. you don't call -- clooney was right it's president obama because he is the president. >> let me clear something up. did i a little research there is a gq article three years ago let's face it bush is dim. okay, clooney? you might want to check yourself. >> bill: now you are pointing to bad behavior to justify your bad behavior. >> i don't think it's bad behavior. it is what it is. >> bill: i do. the next time you say president obama because i always say that or mr. obama. because we want to be respectful to the office as we have to do. now. >> okay. >> bill: you were there for a while and who was the meanest -- who are the meanest people to you? >> the biggest snub i think was cammeron diaz. we made eye contact. i was going in for the interview. she is coming towards me, and then she sees the fox news mike flag she turns to her publicist and says oh no, i don't do fox news. i got totally hollywooded by her. then there was another situation where i was doing an
2:35 am
interview the male lead winner for the artist. i'm asking him questions about you and fox news and there is an interpreter involved and it's going very badly. this official woman comes over afterwards and she says, you know what? i don't like those questions. i said i'm very sorry. she said the academy is very disappointed in you. >> bill: i don't know if you get by that one. who is the nicest to you of all those people. >> i would say clooney was the nicest. he was the biggest celebrity that spoke to me. he didn't have to stop and talk to me but he did. he he was good natured about the whole conversation. >> bill: that's good to hear. he wasn't disrespectful. we, look, i'm not yelling at you but you know his point. you know he doesn't want you to run down his guy. i think that's a legitimate point. that's good to hear. >> i got the point, bill. >> bill: i'm not scolding you. the tone was good. you didn't you drove back when they got a little huffy. like sandra bullock a little huffy. >> right, right. yeah. sandra was a little hot under
2:36 am
the collar. >> bill: you eat this stuff up, man. >> l.a. is not a bad place. what can i say? >> bill: good job and i have some comments on the awards. bernie goldberg will compare how the media coverage surging gas prices under president bush situation under president obama. bernie is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, imi'm bill o'reilly. weekdays with bernie segment we have closely analyzing the gas prices. they are up 100% since he took office. you may remember back in 2008 prices at the pump also surged under president bush. the business and media institute decided to study how the media covered the situation back then as compared to now.
2:40 am
joining us from miami, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg what did bmi find out. >> they found out two things, basically. one they annualized stories from four years ago when president bush was president and this month when president obama is president regarding higher gas prices and they found that the three knelt works, the broadcast networks ran four times as many stories about gas prices rising when president bush was president than now when president obama was president. i'm shocked by that by the way. the second thing they found out is that the tone was different. today, the stories are mostly unemotional. they are about how the gas prices effect the economy. but four years ago they were very personal about how people were having to make decisions between buying food and buying gasoline. that's basically what they found out.
2:41 am
there is an easy rule of thumb if you understand it, you understand just about everything you need to know about the mainstream media that is reporters get more excited about covering bad news if a republic is in the white house. that happens to be true. so when gas prices are spiking, there will be more stories study shows if a republic, george bush is in the white house. when unemployment figures go up, the stories are darker and bleaker if a republic is in the white house. the mainstream media has always treated homelessness as a bigger problem if a republic is in the white house. they could deny their biases all day long but what i just said is true. point number two, four years ago candidate obama, hillary clinton, nancy pelosi, debbie wasser isman shoults and a bunch of other democrats bashed president bush and dick cheney for the rising gas prices. they said it was because there were two oil men in the white
2:42 am
house. we're in the fourth year ever the obama presidency. no oil men in the white house. gas prices are even higher. and president obama is saying that the republics are politicizing the gas issue. now, he may be right. that's not what i'm concerned about. but he politicized the gas issue four years ago and it's up to journalists to hold politicians accountable for their -- this kind of hypocrisy. but too many journalists today, not all of them but too many of them are acting like stenographers, bill and not like reporters. they take down whatever the president says. >> bill: it has to be throw, blatant bias if you have organizations bike abc, nbc, and cbs choosing to do four times as many stories about rising oil prices under republic than under a democrat. because basically biomission, you are protecting the president. you ever protecting him
2:43 am
biomission. >> that's the point. they have a lot invested in him so that's exactly why they are doing it. >> bill: that is bias. you don't have to actually do anything to be biased, you can do nothing, sins of omission. okay? >> that's right. >> bill: we are going to omit all the bad stuff that's happened. we're north even going to acknowledge it we have been pretty tough on president obama on these rising oil prices, but if you go back four years and you look at me. i was tough on bush, too. because i said you basically have a situation whereby the government can't control the oil industry even though the government licenses it. the oil companies work for the government which, in tune, they are supposed to work for us because they don't own the oil we do. they extract it by contract. and all the president is just looking around i don't know what to do. i can't do anything. and meantime the consumers get killed. >> yeah. i don't want to get into the
2:44 am
validity of your argument. that's not something that interests me. and there are people on both sides of that argument. >> bill: right. >> >> but we should play. but the other point you made is the important one to me. that we should play by the same set of rules. >> bill: same rules, right. >> >> if you are going to go after bush, fair enough. fair enough. then toot same with president obama. >> bill: then president bush i have to scold you. you said bush, you have to say president bush. >> i shouldn't have. i usually do put the word president before. >> bill: let me make this point and he is a rooky. guys like you and me that's been around, wasn't that point valid that even if you don't like the president you call him president or mister. >> i make a conscious effort to do that let me say one thing about jesse. i have offered him six figures, cash, if he would leave the country and never come back. and he -- >> bill: he ain't going to take it he is he becoming a star, goldberg.
2:45 am
>> exactly he he won't take me up on it. >> bill: before he is through, is he going to squash p. diddy. he will regret those words. bernie goldberg, everybody. reality check is next. terrible school shooting in ohio. juan williams asking pat buchanan if he is he a racist. my oscar analysis on one big star. check is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check. we begin with an awful situation outside of cleveland, ohio. apparently a teenager began shooting students at chardon, high school. >> he sprinted out of nowhere. people were screaming to get down and he had the gun up and he was running and chasing a kid outside. i heard a shot and then i sprinted. i never thought it would
2:49 am
happen at chardon. >> bill: four students wounded, one killed. police have the shooter in custody. details are scant but some kids say he was a bullying victim, the shooter. chardon is 30 miles east of cleveland. usually the place is calm but not today. check two, on the web site fox news latino, juan williams asked pat buchanan about his controversial book. >> so, let me ask you. are you a racist, pat? >> what does race do? i hate black folks? that's what racist means. i hate black folks. i want them discriminated against. i disliked them. i used bad words with them. no, it's not that. i do disagree profoundly with the affirmative action agenda and a number of other issues. >> all right. now the full interview is posted on fox news check three. speaking in to your knowledge, secretary of state hillary clinton answered a loaded question about some tough on jihadist rhetoric in the republic campaign. >> let me say you will learn as your democracy develops
2:50 am
that a lot of things are said in political campaigns that should not bear a lot of attention. there are comments made that certainly don't reflect the united states, don't reflect our foreign policy, don't reflect who we are as a people. if you go to the united states, you see mosques everywhere, you see muslim americans everywhere. that's the fact. so, i would not pay attention to the rhetoric. >> bill: okay. notice the new hairdo we have by the secretary of state. check four, angelina jolie at the academy awards. >> please welcome the original girl with the dragon tattoo, angelina jolie. ♪ ♪ >> good evening. [ laughter ] here are the nominees for
2:51 am
adapted screenplay, whose who work so hard to make it look so easy. >> bill: is it just me or is she looking mighty slim these days? emaciated even? i was kind of taken aback. look at the arms on her. once again the media largely ignoring ms. jolie's physical profile but she is a role model for some women and something is going on here. she is slight. let's hope it's nothing unusual. check five when i was in los angeles last week i had chance to meet one of my favorite directors ridly scott who did american gladiator and american gang centers among others. >> i have met hundreds of parents of dead kids. this man murdered thousand of people and he did it from a penthouse driving a lincoln. aside from that you have nothing to worry about. >> that sounds good. that's why we go to court, richie, because i have got witnesses too. >> that's a great movie american gangster. scott and tony are producing a
2:52 am
docudrama on my book killing lincoln which is to be hone on national geographic channel. five months in the marketplace. 23 printings. thank you all very much. factor is hot. not only the program but the horse named after it. >> factor comes after a ride two. running a huge one. sway away running on last as well. factor is holding on. the factor away finishing power center of attack. coming away the factor. hanging on the factor digs deep and finds more. the factor has won it. >> bill: yes! factor has won six races in 10 tries we hope he gets to the kentucky derby coming up in may. all right? that is reality check. pinheads and patriots up next starring some unpleasantness at the academy awards. p and p two minutes and change away.
2:53 am
frank, instead of scratching your way to retirement, get on e-trade. set up a real plan. frank! oh wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works... at e-trade. :
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>> pinheads and patriots. our slogan this political season is restore the usa because no matter what side you are on you have to know the country needs a revival, economically, and financially, pretty much in every day. if you buy a restore the usa map, you get a restore the usa mug, any color you want,
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absolutely free. we have a lot of other things with the nice league go. check it out. now the mail. >> i get a lot of letters like yours, ed. that is embraced by conservatives but it is speculative. i can suspect something but i can't say it's fact. from australia. >> you are welcome, mate! >> from new york. >> i don't think he was lacking
2:56 am
in leadership. fillmore, another story. and from england. >> mike davis, illinois. >> and that's what we addressed on the points tonight, mike. you can decide issues based on that, you can, but the government cannot. it's a secular decision based upon protect the folks' greater good. and from san marcos, california. from california. >> i don't know how that happened, diane.
2:57 am
thanks for coming to see us. miller and i will descend on indianapolis friday, june 22nd and we've added a second show in chicago on june 23rd. and also in tampa. check them all out on finally tonight pinheads and patriots. as you know, actor sasha cohen has made a lot of money playing a character called bore a confronted brian seacrest at the oscars. >> wait a minute. >> it's fine. >> it's okay for you? if somebody and you what your name, you a-- >> have fun this evening. >> do you know how lucky you were that you were like the one
2:58 am
chosen on the red carpet? >> you think i'm lucky? is this a division of luck? >> now the bit was he spilled ashes on seacrest and i don't blame seacrest for being annoyed. in this case cohen is a pinhead. and that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news website which is different from bill you can spout out about o'reilly anywhere in the world. word of the day, no procacity when writing to the factor. you write in, it comes into a file, some of my staff goes through the file, they look for good headlines in the first sentence. all right? if it's provocative -- you have to be clean, use a curse word, right in the bag. and the ones that are get passed on to me and i make the final
2:59 am
cut. that's how we do it. thanks for watching us tonight. please always remember that the spin stops right here in new york city because we are definitely looking out for you! >> hey, good morning, everyone! sorry about that camera movement there. is that scott behind there? sorry. tuesday right now, february 28th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. voters head to the polls today in michigan and arizona this morning and with almost 60 delegates in play, that's enough to change the direction of the race. detroit native kid rock already making his choice. >> meanwhile, rick santorum's secret weapons. democrats. they can vote in today's republican primary in michigan as well and the senator is making them an offer he hopes they won't refuse and they'll get off the couch and vote for him. >> epic finish for the daytona 500. i know it's tuesday. from rain to fire, this race


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